Veronica Palmero
Aimee Garcia as Veronica Palermo
Basic/General Character Information
Gender: Female
About: "Spoiled rich kid" type who attempts to get trust money left from her late mother (Angie's sister-in-law) using her seductive stare and sexy looks.
Family/Personal Facts
Family: *Ray Palmero (father)
Series Appearances
Played by: Aimee Garcia
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: 20 in Seasons 5 & 6

Veronica Palmero is the spoiled and rich daughter of Ray Palmero and Claudia Palmero. She is the grand-daughter of Vic Palmero and Emilina Palmero. She is also George and Angie's niece and Carmen and Max's cousin., She appears as the quaternary deuteragonist

She moves into the Lopez house after her mother (Angie's sister in law) dies. Her mother leaves all of her items and money to her. However, it was put into a trust with George being named as the trustee since Claudia didn't believe Veronica was responsible or mature enough yet to handle millions of dollars. She winds up staying with her aunt, uncle and cousins (the Lopez family) after her aforementioned inheritance is frozen upon her mother's will being challenged by her family relatives, presumably upset that they got nothing of her mother's inheritance. 


Veronica is a young woman who is described to be very beautiful.


She is initially spoiled and straight-forward, hoping to be a designer. Many times throughout her appearances, she attempts to get her trust money using her seductive stare and sexy looks.  She started to become a better person when George set her straight. She used to be a party girl and now a good person.

Veronica initially did not get along with her uncle because of their attitude and background. Over time, they have grown to care for another and George has become a father figure to her and often shield her from bad influence just like her father and her stalking ex-boyfriend.

Veronica's Story Plot

She appears in Season 6 as a replacement for Masiela Lusha, who left the show at the end of Season 5. However, she has a viable and useful storyline that ties in with the rest of the Lopez family. Her father, Ray, was a con man and was only ever concerned about money. When he comes back in an episode later on, claiming that he's changed, he successfully tricks Veronica into believing him before convincing her to spend half of her inheritance on a "hand bag business" in Miami. He is later caught trying to run off with the check by George who says to him, "I knew you would run off, so I canceled the check. And just in case, I signed it Carlos Santana". After he leaves, Veronica is crushed that her father lied to her, but with support from George, she goes to college to pursue her own career in design.

In George Nieces A New Media Room, Veronica moves in with the Lopez family again after one of her relatives started contesting the will. Veronica has started dating her college professor, Mike, when saying she was tired of dating guys her age since they play "head games" and she only ends up "getting hurt" by them. While visiting Benny for her birthday in jail, the latter is able to deduce Veronica is seeing a married man and she has to confirm it. Afterwards, George and Angie express concern for her for dating an older married man, Veronica insists it was only casual and not serious. This, in which, is proved wrong when Mike arrives at her house, declaring he's left his wife for her so they could be together. When she decides to break up with him, he begins to stalk her while begging her to take him back. She later catches him in her room, waiting for her to come home. This resulting in George punching him and fending him off while Veronica and Angie call the police, arresting him (and getting George's big screen TV destroyed in the process). In the end of the episode, Veronica gets a restraining order against Mike and gets punished by George and Angie for dating a married man who was twice her age by giving up her diamond bracelet Mike had given her to pay for George's destroyed plasma screen TV.  They also learned that she gave her number to the firefighter who just left and he was only a few months sober. Not wanting a repeat of what has happened they immediately wash off the number he left on her arm.


  • She is very good at poker, as she beats George, Benny, Vic, and Ernie and won all their money for Angie.
  • Max has a crush on her, despite George telling him that they are first cousins and dangers of what would happen if they were to get together.
  • George once stated that her father Ray had another child, meaning Veronica has a half sibling out there.
  • Veronica inherited a few million dollars from her mother. In season 6, the money is frozen since her relatives are contesting the will.


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