Hello! My name is Nicholas Lewis, and I am an administrator and Bureaucrat on the George Lopez Wiki.


1). Classical music - my primary interests within the realm of classical music are the historical aspects, and compositional techniques. Theory, and the development of Western Art Music are among the most fascinating studies in the world.

2). Mathematics - My interests 'lie' in several 'groups' of mathematics. My interests are number theory (yes, the one the overexcited nerds go to), calculus, and linear algebra.

3). Literature - What an interesting art-form! It is fascinating what one can do with the interplay of words, and what beauty can be achieved through the manipulation of language. My favorite authors include James Joyce, and his contemporaries. My favorite poets are T.S. Elliot, Walter Whitman ("Oh Captain! My Captain!"... such Whit as that!), and many other romantics.

4). Philosophy - Matters of logic, metaphysics and it's relation to mathematics (a touchy subject at best), and linguistics.

5). Tea - What more can one expect out of life than tea and music! Tea is the greatest drink in the world, and the art behind it's making is fascinating! My favorite's are white, green senchas (an interesting art-form), and other tisanes. I am not a fan of black tea, as it does not contain the complexities of the more subtle white's and Green's.

6). Avatar the last air-bender - Greatest TV show, period. Oh, and um... George Lopez.



1). Clean-up work (perpetual)

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