Basic Information
Name Toby
Born 1993
Gender Female
About: Friendship with Carmen gets tested when Carmen's other girlfriends only plan to allow her into their club and to attend a planned party to make fun of her
Series Appearances
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Portrayed by Rachel Snow

Toby is a minor character, best known for being Carmen's sweet friend who moved to Omaha, Nebraska. The part of Toby is played on the series by Rachel Snow.

About Toby

Toby has been Carmen's friend since kindergarten. Toby seems to have bad luck, since she was in a coma from a bee sting for one week, threw up at the dance, broke her leg on a school field trip, and was attacked by a goose. Carmen and Toby have been in fights, but have always made up. Toby and her family moved to Omaha early during Season 2 at the beginning of the Halloween episode "Halloween Cheer", and was never seen again, although Carmen has been seen to be on the phone with her a few times.


Toby is very caring and kind towards everyone she is around, however her emotional side has been seen. In Token of Unappreciation, she stormed out of Carmen's house, because Carmen did not want to go to Toby's house. Toby has red hair, fair skin, and wears glasses.


Season 2