Ep 1x4 - George and Timmy
After almost foiling George's plan to teach Max a lesson about talking to strangers while walking to school, Timmy (Rory Thost) instead responds to the ploy by getting in with his plan to lure Max inside of friend Frank's SUV in "Max's Big Adventure" in Season 1 (ep.#4).
Basic Information
Name Timmy
Born c.1993
Gender Male
About: Neighborhood kid who foils George's plan to teach Max about not talking to or accepting car rides from strangers when he, instead of Max, gets into his friend Frank's SUV on the pretense of looking for a lost puppy
Related to: Relatives unknown
Series Appearances
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Appeared in: "Max's Big Adventure" (Season 1 finale)
Portrayed by Rory Thost

Timmy is a little boy who lives in the Lopezes neighborhood and attends Max's elementary school. He was tricked by George and Frank into going into Frank's van to "find" Frank's puppy in the Season One finale episode "Max's Big Adventure". The part of Timmy is played in the episode by Rory Thost.

About Timmy

In seeking to impress the importance of child safety, and aiming to test Max's "trust ability" in possibly confronting potential danger in responding to strangers while walking to and from school, George enlists Frank, a co-worker of his at Powers Aviation, to assist him in testing to see if Max would respond to the lure of a stranger driving in a vehicle to see if he would or not talk to and/or get into someone's vehicle while walking to or from school.

To this end, George made Frank, whom he would only allow in the company carpool if he did so, ask Max to help him find his puppy, which was a lie George made up. Frank then adds he has an Xbox video game system in the van. When Timmy comes and knocks on the glass instead, Timmy, recognizing George in the backseat, almost gives George and Frank's lure, as George tries to tell him to go away, but to no avail, as they're forced to let Timmy in the backseat, not wanting to give themselves away to Max.

Timmy insists that he wanted to help find the puppy, so George had to let him get in the van to get him to keep quiet. Inside the van, George tells Timmy he'll give him all of his pocket change as long as he indeed keeps quiet. Timmy agrees, and then when police officer Jim comes and asks Frank and George what they were doing, Timmy admits why he was there and what happened, from his point of view.


Timmy is probably about 8-10 years old, and is blonde. He is average height and his voice is rather high-pitched. Not much is known about Timmy.