George Lopez episode
“The Cuban Missus Crisis”
Ep 3x3 - Vic's Getting Divorced
George tries to console Vic when his wife has filed for divorce in "The Cuban Missus Crisis" (ep.#3).
Season 3, Episode # 3
Number (#31) in series (120 episodes)
Guest star(s) Ashley Edner
Denise Faye
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 303
Writer(s) John R. Morey
Director John Pasquin
Original airdate October 3, 2003
IMDB IMDb logo The Cuban Missus Crisis
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"Dubya, Dad and Dating (Part 2)" "Feel The Burn"

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The Cuban Missus Crisis is the third episode of Season Three of George Lopez, also the 31st episode of the series. Written by John R. Morey, the episode, directed by John Pasquin, premiered on ABC-TV on October 3, 2003.


Angie discovers that her parents are getting divorced, and George becomes nervous about his marriage when Angie's social life improves.


Angie's social life is starting to improve and she goes out with her friend. While she is gone, George finds out that Angie's mother had an affair and that Angie's parents are getting a divorce. Angie comes home late and George goes crazy because he thought she was cheating on him. Angie then finds out about her parents' divorce and she starts to understand why George was acting crazy.


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  • The title of this Episode is a spoof on the Cuban Missile Crisis.


  • George: You're about to play the most exciting game to come out of Cuba since "Wheel of Misfortune." "I'd like to buy a vowel. There are no vowels, Castro detained them all."

  • [When George overhears Vic on the phone]
  • Vic: How can you pick him over me? You barely know him.
  • George [to himself]: I hope he's not talking to the girl in the sleeping bag.

  • Vic [to Angie]: You know how Cuba and the United States use to have relations, and then they grew apart?
  • Angie: Daddy, is this like when you said my wedding night would be like the Bay of Pigs invasion: quick and a failure?

  • Vic:(about his wife's affair) Last week, I went to her dermatology clinic to surprise her. I walked in on her checking a man for moles in a place where sun-damage is not a possibility.