Carmen and Friend Taylor
Taylor Ann (Valeria Andrews) who moves in with Carmen into her bedroom when she visits her in L.A., after the two met in San Francisco, in "Landlord Almighty" in Season 4 (ep.#2).
Basic Information
Name Taylor
Gender Female
About: Moves in with Carmen after arriving from San Francisco where they met, agreeing to heip with the rent they have to pay for staying in Carmen's room
  • Is asked to leave by George after having brought a man who spent the night in their room back with them after she and Carmen went to a Hollywood party
  • Series Appearances
    Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
    Appeared in: "Landlord Almighty" (Season 4)
    Portrayed by Valeria Andrews

    Taylor or Taylor-Ann (played by Valeria Andrews) is a friend whom Carmen met and hung out with while she was in San Francisco who appeared in the Season Four episode of George Lopez titled "Landlord Almighty" (episode #2).

    About Taylor

    Taylor was a backup dancer for Chingy (Who made a guest appearance in the Season Four opening episode "George Searches for a Needle in a Haight-Stack"). Taylor helped Carmen pay rent. Taylor eats Carmen's food, uses her phone, and wears her clothes without permission, which seemed to play into George's plans of the two having a falling out, which backfires when the two make up when Taylor invites Carmen to go out with her to a swanky Hollywood Hills party later that evening.

    After Carmen went out all night and Taylor, who brings a guy home and can't get rid of him, George, confronts Taylor, who tries to ask him to get the guy to leave the bedroom, and asks Taylor to leave with with the guy as he suggests that Taylor to go back to San Francisco, and as George talls Tayler "live there for the rest of your life!"