Basic/General Character Information
Born: 1961
Gender: Female
Family/Personal Facts
Family: unknown
Series Appearances
First Episode Team Leader
Last Episode Team Leader
Played by: Hilary Duff

Stephanie was in the episode Team Leader. She was from La Marie Cosmetics to train Angie to be a better saleswoman.


Stephanie is 42, but Angie thought she was in her teens. Actually, Stephanie used the La Marie Rejuvenating Cream for the last 20 years to look younger.


Angie Lopez

Stephanie hated Angie's original sales pitch and told her to complement and insult a customer to sell products. The last time we saw Stephanie was when Angie hosted a makeup party the next day and felt so guilty about Stephanie's technique that Angie used her own technique by making the customer feel sorry for her, and it worked. Angie used the technique on Stephanie so she could learn her lesson, but eventually Stephanie knew she was lying.

George Lopez

Stephanie used that technique on George and recommended the La Marie Man Mask for the "bags under his eyes".


Stephanie dresses very modern and wears tight pants and then a skirt. She has blonde hair and wears really nice makeup which is probably from La Marie.