George Lopez episode
“Split Decision”
Episode 3x6 - Split Decision
George has a big decision to make -- should he stay with Powers Aviation and Jack, or leave and join Mel, after the brothers have a falling out, this after Mel went to Vegas with Jack's ex-wife while they were still married, this on the eve of a big goverment project that the company was trying to secure, in "Split Decision" (ep.#6) in Season 3.
Season 3, Episode # 6
Number (#34) in series (120 episodes)
Guest star(s) Jack Blessing
Mark Tymchyshyn
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 306
Writer(s) Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgrove
Director John Pasquin
Original airdate October 24, 2003
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"Carmen's Dating" "No One Gets Out Alive"

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Split Decision was the sixth episode of Season Three of the ABC-TV series George Lopez, also the 34th overall episode in the series. Written by Paul A. Kaplan and Mark Torgrove. the episode, directed by John Pasquin originally aired on October 24, 2003.

"Split Decision"
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George lets a secret slip between the Powers brothers who then decide to split up the company, and each wants George to come work for them.


Powers Brothers Aviation lands a huge government project and decides to let everyone have the day off and party at a bar, but George gets in trouble when he lets it slip that Mel went to Vegas with Jack's ex-wife while they were still married. George fears his firing, but is surprised to find out that Powers Brothers Aviation is splitting in two. Problems ensue when Mel offers George a job at the new design plant.

Meanwhile, Carmen wants to go skiing with her friend, but George and Angie will not let her go, causing Carmen to be upset with him, but George later decides to let her go. In the end, Jack and Mel are not splitting up, but it's later revealed that a plane crash killed two people and it's possible that the factory's landing gear is responsible for what happened.


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  • [When George tells Carmen she can't go skiing]
  • Carmen: This sucks.
  • George: Hey! Save that for Christmas morning when you unwrap your shampoo. Awww, I ruined her gift!

  • Carmen: Claire's family invited me to go skiing with them next weekend. I can go, right?
  • George: Carmen, we're Latino, we don't ski. If we're going down a mountain, it's usually because we can see San Diego in the distance.

  • Benny: [arrives in the house at night] George, we need to talk. [sees Angie in her nightgown] Shouldn't you be in a window in Amsterdam?
  • Angie: Shouldn't you be in a medical journal with a big question mark next to you?

  • Angie: [after George tells her about the trouble between Jack and Mel] Man, it's like a soap opera with ugly people!

  • Benny: Scoot over, sad-daytime drunk!
  • George: Yeah, make room for bitter-nighttime drunk!

  • [When Carmen wants skiing gear for her skiing trip]
  • George: How much?
  • Carmen: I only need the essentials so... $500.
  • George: $500? Ta loca?! $500!
  • Carmen: Okay, then if you give me the gear, then don't buy me anything for Christmas.
  • George: You're still $480 short.

  • Carmen: I had a greatest time with Claire's family. We went to this really fancy restaurant and they told me I could order whatever I want. I had escargot, that's snails.
  • George: You know, if you want escargot, you could go to the rain gutter and suck some snails.

  • Mel: (to Jack) Do you recognize this? (making an odd face) No, you wouldn't recognize it. That's the face Janet makes when she's been satisfied.
  • George: Damn!

  • George: (about Jack and Mel's fight) It was awful. One minute they're toasting the new contract, the next they're rolling around on the floor. Jack's powerful, but Mel's got those pointy teeth.