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Episodes 4 aired
Network/Air Dates ABC-TV, March 27, 2002 - April 17, 2002
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The first season of George Lopez aired from March 27, 2002 to April 17, 2002 and consisted of 4 episodes.

Main Cast

Season 1 (2002)

Image No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
Prototype.png 1 1 "Prototype" Barnet Kellman Bruce Helford,George Lopez & Robert Borden March 27, 2002 104
When well-liked George (George Lopez) becomes the first guy to be promoted from the assembly line to plant manager at a Los Angeles airplane parts factory, his life becomes a little more complicated. His pal Ernie Cardenas (Valente Rodriguez) and former compadres on the plant floor tease him about joining management. George's first test in the new position is to terminate one employee. He must choose either his acerbic line-inspector mother, Benny Lopez (Belita Moreno), or his best friend Ernie. George's hardworking and patient wife, Angie (Constance Marie), copes with Benny's constant wisecracks and cares for the couple's kids, precocious 9-year-old Max (Luis Armand Garcia) and 14-year-old Carmen Lopez (Masiela Lusha), who is dealing with the traumas of being a teenager. Carmen has what George calls "jungle pits" and hairy legs.
Curious George.png 2 2 "Curious George" Andy Cadiff Dailyn Rodriguez April 3, 2002 101
George worries about Carmen when she brings a boy home for the first time. He persuades Max to spy on them, but despite finding no impropriety, George threatens Duncan (Jonathon Jones), embarrassing Carmen. Later, George replies to instant messages on Carmen's computer, pretending to be her. Although this infuriates both Carmen and Angie when they find out, George goes to a party and further humiliates Carmen with his over-protectiveness. Finally, Carmen sadly ends the relationship with Duncan, not because of her father, but because Duncan tries to pressure her into having sex too soon. Carmen forgives George, who realizes that she is more responsible than he thought.
Happy Birthdays.png 3 3 "Happy Birthdays" Philip Charles MacKenzie Lawrence Bloch April 10, 2002 102
Much to George's unpleasant surprise, Angie and his family throw him a very belated surprise birthday party that he assumes is Max's upcoming birthday party while a new worker, accident-prone Amy (Sandra Bullock, one of the executive producers of the series), threatens the pride George takes in his workplace's safety record.
Max's Big Adventure.png 4 4 "Max's Big Adventure" Lee Shallat-Chemel George Lopez & Rick Nyholm April 17, 2002 103
George and Benny find themselves holding open auditions for workers to replace Reggie's position in the factory's carpool after he gets arrested for fighting in a bar the night before. Meanwhile, George tries to prove to Angie that Max is not ready to walk to school on his own when Angie insists on George letting him do so.

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