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Episodes 24 Aired
Network/Air Dates ABC-TV, September 28, 2004 - May 17, 2005
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The fourth season of George Lopez aired from September 28, 2004 to May 17, 2005, and consisted of 24 episodes.

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Image No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
Ep 4x1 - George appears at rapper Chingy's party.jpg 57 1 "George Searches for a Needle in a Haight-Stack" Joe Regalbuto John R. Morey September 28, 2004 301
Carmen is calling George and Angie on Zack's cell phone, but, upon reaching a verbal argument with her father, Carmen hangs up. Cutting to Carmen, Zack emerges from a nearby beer store, with a vodka bottle in his hand. He wants to have sex with Carmen drunk. With Carmen still gone, George goes on a hunt for her and eventually finds her in San Francisco with rapper Chingy. He finally gets her to return home, but the problems aren't over yet. Carmen declares that she is a woman due to her recent experiences and she can do whatever she wants.
Angie wants Carmen to be a kid again.png 58 2 "Landlord Almighty" Joe Regalbuto John R. Morey October 5, 2004 302
When Carmen crazily redecorates her room, George and Angie intervene and order her to stop doing so. Carmen then argues that she should be able to do to whatever she want her room since she is close to becoming an adult or she will run away again. Upon hearing this, George decides to treat her as a tenant of the family and orders her to pay rent for her room, pay bills and pay for her own food in an effort to discourage her from wanting to be treated like an adult. However, this plan soon backfires when Carmen doesn't relent and gets a roommate with a job, but he is determined the plan will work when Carmen's friend acts like her and takes her food, clothes, and money without asking.

Guest star: Valeria Andrews as Taylor.

GL episode 4x3 - George forgets their wedding anniversary.jpg 59 3 "George of the Rings" Joe Regalbuto Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgrove October 12, 2004 303
After George forgets his and Angie's wedding anniversary, he goes to drastic measures to make it up to her when she gets revenge on him with a dirt cake. He takes her to a jewelry store to buy a proper wedding ring but the ring she picks is far out of George's price range. In order to get enough money to pay for it, he strikes up a deal with Vic to trade Emilina's engagement ring to George, in exchange for him giving Vic many of his possessions. When he shows the ring to Angie, she is exuberant, but Vic returns demanding Emilina's ring back. George is forced to tell Angie of his deal with Vic, which angers Angie. In another effort to make it up to her, George convinces her into having their wedding vows renewed.
Ep 4x4 - Home Sweet Homeschool - Angie driving Carmen crazy.png 60 4 "Home Sweet Homeschool" Joe Regalbuto Luisa Leschin October 19, 2004 304
When Carmen is expelled from her private school, recently laid-off Angie agrees to home school her, but she complains too much, and George and Angie send her to an All-Girl school, against her wishes. Also the money cut also forces a postponement of George and Angie's wedding vow renewal.
2lygdy.jpg 61 5 "Leave It to Lopez" Gerry Cohen Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgrove October 26, 2004 307
When a janitor with no life insurance dies at work, Angie finds out that George has been lying and does not have life insurance either. As Angie hounds him and forbids him to have ice cream, he dozes off to classic TV which leads to a spoof of such classics as The Munsters, The Jetsons and Leave It to Beaver.

Note: This episode was dedicated to the memory of Rodney Dangerfield at the end of the closing credits.

Ep 4x6 - Sk8r Boyz.png 62 6 "Sk8r Boyz" Joe Regalbuto Jim Hope November 2, 2004 306
When Max starts middle school, he gets picked on by bullies. Angie buys him dorky clothes which she thinks is "cute". Max gets new clothes, but it doesn't help. Carmen decides to help Max, but it doesn't work either. He then starts hanging out with a group of skateboarders, which becomes a problem. George finds out Max has been arrested for beating up a boy and is banned from the mall.
Ep 4x7 - The Simple Life.png 63 7 "The Simple Life" Gerry Cohen Rick Nyholm November 9, 2004 308
When George decides a new job opportunity may be for him, he takes the family to a little town in Colorado on "vacation". But when he gets the job, resistance from Angie as well as springing the news on the kids makes George reconsider his idea. But, also Angie believes it may be a better place for the kids. And in a moment of romance, Benny and Vic kiss, to the horror of Ernie.; also Max meets a girl that talks him into smoking, stealing, and making out and Carmen meets a boy who tells her to drink with him.
Image Needed.png 64 8 "Trouble in Paradise" Gerry Cohen Dave Caplan November 16, 2004 305
A horrible dinner that features a drunk Carmen, Max with a hickey on his neck, and other dirty secrets about the town, convinces the Lopez that L.A. is still the place for them.
Image Needed.png 65 9 "E. I., E. I.? OH" Joe Regalbuto Danielle Sanchez-Witzel November 23, 2004 309
When George mistakenly thinks he is going to be named VP of Powers Brothers, he whips out his "VP Dance", only to find the company has merged with another corporation and jobs such as Benny's and Ernie's need to be cut. Plus, George is appointed a new co-manager, Vanessa Brooks (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) a beautiful and cunning woman who George fears will take his job. His fears are confirmed when she tricks George into believing she'll help and presenting George to be a sentimental fool not worthy of the job of manager. But George is able to save his job by showing the Powers Brothers the power of family and also, in a twist, is forced to take a pay cut and promote his co-manager to VP.
Ep 4x10 - Max when he opens up his gift.jpg 66 10 "A Clear and Presentless Danger" Victor Gonzalez Dave Caplan December 14, 2004 311
When George thinks back to the lousy Christmas presents from his mother, he gets worried since she drew Max for the family's "Secret Santa" presents. So as a backup, George buys Max a great present, only to find after he gives it to him that Benny has finally come through with a great present. Guest starring (Dave Mirra) as himself.
Ep 4x11 - Prescription for Trouble.png 67 11 "Prescription for Trouble" Gerry Cohen Jim Hope January 11, 2005 312
When Carmen asks for birth control pills, George immediately assumes that her boyfriend Jason is pressuring her to have sex, but he denies it. George then realizes that it is Carmen who wants to have sex with Jason. When Max complains of a stomachache, he says he ate some stale mints in Carmen's room. George and Angie find out she bought birth control pills, with Benny and Vic's help. In an effort to stop her, George and Angie bribe her with a car to postpone having sex until she is 18 (Although George joked she has to be 40).
Friends-Marry-Drunk.jpg 68 12 "Friends Don't Let Friends Marry Drunks" Gerry Cohen Allen Jay Zipper January 18, 2005 313
While taking Max and his friend Ricky out, George and Angie discover Ernie's new girlfriend is Tammy, Ricky's birth mother. After finding out she has a positive pregnancy test, George has problems convincing Ernie not to marry her. Ernie does not believe George, and Tammy is furious at Ernie for doubting her virginity. When Tammy reveals the truth to Ernie, that the baby is not his, Ernie still wants to marry her.
Ep 4x13 - George to the 3rd Power.png 69 13 "George to the Third Power" Andy Cadiff George Lopez January 25, 2005 310
George becomes frustrated with Max's dentist (Michael Clarke Duncan) when he accuses Max of being a wimp for getting his braces loosened. George then lobbies to have the company's dental plan changed, by sneaking behind Jack and Mel's backs. Eventually, it turns out Max only wanted to get his braces so loosened they would be taken off, all because of a girl he likes, so George has Jack and Mel pretend to fire him to teach Max a lesson.
Ep 4x14 - George Eets Assisterance.png 70 14 "George Gets Assisterance" Andy Cadiff Danielle Sanchez-Witzel February 1, 2005 315
After finding out a budget cut cancels special ed, George and Angie attend a PTA meeting run by George's sister, Linda, the superintendent. After some complaints of George, Linda finds out she is actually Mexican and adopted. Now, she wants to meet Benny.
Ep 4x15 - Sabes Quake.jpg 71 15 "Sabes Quake" Bob Koherr Michael Loftus February 8, 2005 316
When a 6.2 earthquake hits the Northridge area, it cruelly affects George and Carmen, as they sleep outside for the next few days when they decide it's to dangerous to go back inside. George actually won't go inside because when he was young, he encountered an earthquake alone in his house, without his mom to comfort him.
Image Needed.png 72 16 "George Takes a Stroll Down Memory Pain" Joe Regalbuto David Grubstick February 15, 2005 314
When Benny demands money for a box of George's old childhood things, he is shocked to learn Benny (unbeknownst to him) helped him and Angie start up a life because she didn't want a baby around the house (He felt like a man when he came from the store for cigarettes, he saw Benny direspecting a pregnant Angie, so he defended Angie by yelling at Benny), but she also owes George money from a source he never knew about.
Image Needed.png 73 17 "George Buys a Vow" Bob Koherr Robert Borden February 22, 2005 318
George uses a fake wedding for his boss as a cover to renew his vows with Angie, but with Angie planning the fake wedding, she begins to ask too many details. Jack buys a woman named "Dell" (Jennifer Hasty) as a fake wife so on the day of the real wedding, so now, George can tell the truth.
Image Needed.png 74 18 "George Watcha's Out For Jason" Victor Gonzalez Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgrove March 1, 2005 317
When Angie and George discover Carmen has been going to Jason's house unsupervised for the past month, they confront the couple, only to find Jason's parents are out of the country. When Jason goes to jail for throwing a party where drugs were brought, the police have to send him out of town, thus ruining his possible chance at a pro baseball career. Much to George's chagrin, he allows Jason to stay with the family - as long as he and Carmen can keep their hands off each other.
Image Needed.png 75 19 "George's Grand Slam" Victor Gonzalez Valentina L. Garza March 8, 2005 320
With Carmen and Jason grounded for throwing a party at Jason's and getting arrested, neither is able to do much. But George does allow for some bending when it comes to Jason's baseball career which upsets Carmen and her feminist poet friend (Hilary Duff) who accuses George of being a sexist. When Carmen questions George about going to college, George makes a big mistake in telling Carmen she has no potential. In the end, George goes to the poetry slam, and gets embarrassed by Carmen's poem about him being a dreamkiller.
Image Needed.png 76 20 "George Needs Anchor Management" Joe Regalbuto Rick Nyholm March 29, 2005 319
When an old friend of Angie's moves back to town to become a news anchor, George becomes jealous with her giddy excitement over him. But George comes to find out that Angie has not told him the whole story about this former boyfriend.
Ep 4x21 - Vic tries to explain to Linda what happened with he and Benny.jpg 77 21 "George's Relatively Bad Idea" Joe Regalbuto Stacey Pulwer April 12, 2005 321
George gets caught up in some bad family ties when he lets Vic give him money (pays off the garage) to go out on a date with his sister. When Ernie, upset that Vic got to go out with Linda but he didn't, accidentally lets it slip in front of George that he saw Vic kissing Benny.
Ep 4x22- Bobby and Victor's hired to do the job.jpg 78 22 "George's Extreme Makeover: Holmes Edition" Victor Gonzalez Spiro Skentzos May 3, 2005 322
When Angie finds that issues with the family is interfering with her wedding planning business, George decides to renovate the garage into an office for Angie with the help of some old friends (Ricardo Antonio Chavira and Danny Trejo). However, they renovate the garage in a rather cheap manner and without getting permits. When the renovations are complete, Angie hires a building inspector (Jim Belushi) to inspect the place, but he condemns it after finding it was renovated cheaply.
Ep 4x23 - George Stare-oids Down Jason.png 79 23 "George Stare-oids Down Jason" Joe Regalbuto Michael Loftus May 10, 2005 323
One morning, George discovers Carmen and Jason sleeping together (though they only fell asleep together on Carmen's bed listening to music, not sex) George and Angie decide to kick Jason out. Jason's father (Stacy Keach) arrives for a dinner and George decide to slam him with the bill and then give him the bad news. While riding out the check he offers the two $10,000 to keep Jason until he goes to college. George decides to vote against the money and kick Jason out but, Jason and Carmen get into a heated argument and Jason goes ballistic and storms out of the house. While searching through Jason's bag he discovers that Jason is taking steroids. When Jason's father comes back to George's house George also discovers that Jason's own dad forced him onto steroids. Jason returns and George tells him if he tells his father that he won't take steroids, he can stay with them. Max tries to sold Jason his urine.
73596333.jpg 80 24 "George Negoti-ate It" Joe Regalbuto Luisa Leschin May 17, 2005 324
George steps in to be Jason's sports agent when NFL Quarterbacks Donovan McNabb and Daunte Culpepper (guest starring as themselves) pay a visit to the Lopez household to draft Jason, but when George accepts illegal football gifts from a college that Max was selling to buy George a birthday gift, it blows Jason chance, George is forced to seek out a baseball deal. Meanwhile, Carmen and Los Lobos guitarist Cesar Rosas stir things up at George's family birthday bash when she claims to be pregnant.

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