Piper Morey was, at first, one of Carmen's friends, but then they later became enemies.

Piper Morey
Autumn Reeser as Piper
Autumn Reeser as Piper Morey
Basic/General Character Information
Gender: Female
  • Planned only to invite Toby, Carmen's best friend, to a party only to make fun of her, as Carmen also didn't attend in standing by Toby
  • Wound up having a falling out with Carmen after she began spreading rumors about Carmen sleeping with all the boys in their high school
  • Family/Personal Facts
    Series Appearances
    Played by: Autumn Reeser
    Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
    Episodes appeared in: 2 in Season 2
     she appears in two episodes in Season Two of George Lopez, first in "Token of Unappreciation" then in "Girl Fight". The part of Piper is played by Autumn Reeser.


    Piper Morey was Carmen's friend and then, in the episode "Token of Unappreciation", turned mean towards Carmen as well when she called Carmen's best friend Toby "fat". When Carmen took Toby's side to remain her best friend, that put a irreperable rift in the relationship Carmen had with Piper and the other girls in their club, as Piper and the others only had the intent of inviting Toby to a party that the girls were going to attend just to be cruel to and make fun of her, as George and Angie, after a talk with Carmen, were able to influence her not to attend the party out of loyalty to Toby.

    In "Girl Fight", Piper began calling Carmen a "whore" by spray-painting the words "Carmen Hopez" on her sliding-window, Piper then began rumors around their high school, that Carmen had had sex with a boy in the episode Girl Fight. She also got into a fistfight that she started, but claimed that Carmen started it, and got her unfairly suspended. The issue is resolved later. Piper is also thought of as one of the prime suspects in the whole incident of Carmen being the proclaimed school whore. But in the end, Piper gets suspended from school.