Ep 3x27 - Johnny Pacar as Noah
Johnny Pacar as Noah, Carmen's "gay" friend in "What George Doesn't Noah..." in Season 3 (ep.#27).
Basic/General Character Information
Born: c.1988
Gender: Male
About: Pretended to date Carmen to cover up that she was really seeing Zack Powers, as he is really gay
Family/Personal Facts
Series Appearances
Played by: Johnny Pacar
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "What George Doesn't Noah..." (Season 3)

Noah (played by Johnny Pacar) was a character on George Lopez and only appeared in the Season Three episode, "What George Doesn't Noah...".

About Noah

Noah was a boy who pretended to date Carmen to cover up that she was really seeing Zack. George had a suspicion that Noah was cheating on Carmen when Noah receiveed a text message saying to let them know when he would get rid of Carmen, so George and Benny followed him to the local movie theater. Noah watched "A Walk in the Tuscan Meadow". When Benny and Goerge saw a girl sit next to Noah, they thought that she was the one that Noah cheated on Carmen with, until a male teenager sat next to Noah, and the two teens started rapidly kissing, which revealed that Noah was gay.


Noah had brown hair and green eyes and always wore a plain undershirt and a plaid shirt with a collar. Noah also wore two black watches on both wrists.