George Lopez episode
“No Free Launch”
Accident Amy, who's the PTA secretary at Max's school, gets into it with George at work, over the charge of candy sales for a trip to the Space Shuttle launch in "No Free Launch" (ep.#6) in Season 2.
Season 2, Episode # 6
Number (#10) in series (120 episodes)
Guest stars: Sandra Bullock
Connie Ray
Malcolm Wain
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 206
Writer(s): Luisa Leschin
Director Gerry Cohen
Original airdate November 6, 2002
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"No Free Launch" is the sixth episode of the second season of George Lopez, also the 10th overall episode in the series. Written by Luisa Leschin the episode, which was directed by Gerry Cohen orginally aired on ABC-TV on November 6, 2002.

"No Free Launch"
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Selling candy for Max's school trip to Florida doesn't go according to plan; Carmen gives Benny a fashion makeover. Sandra Bullock guest stars.


At a PTA meeting, Accident Amy becomes secretary and is in charge of candy sales for a trip to the Space Shuttle launch, who reveals that her daughter is in Max's class. When George, Angie, and Max fail to make the quota of $480, the PTA moms demand that they write a check, but George refuses, partly because George doesn't believe they need to go to the Space Shuttle launch and partly because George has little spending money. In the end, Max doesn't go on the trip when George burns the check. However, George and Max watch the launch at home on TV, but much to their joy the launch is canceled and they instead watch wrestling. Meanwhile, Benny seeks a makeover from Carmen because of a guy she has met.


Guest Starring

Trivia and notes

  • We learn that both Amy and her daughter Kimmy have a depth perception problem. (Though its likely just a lie their family tells itself to feel better about being magnets for accidents.)
  • We learn Amy has a daughter named Kimmy.
  • This is the second time we see Amy since the episode "Happy Birthdays."


George: Nobody NEEDS to see a space shuttle.

Angie [to George]: Give her the damn check and I'll buy you a churro!

Amy [after she gets caught on fire]: I hope I don't have to get another graft. I'm almost out of butt skin.

[While at the PTA meeting]
Amy: Hey, George.
George: Amy, what are you doing here?
Amy: Oh, my little Kimmy goes here now.
George: Oh, I didn't know Accident Amy had a little Accident Kimmy. Which one is she?
Amy: She's right there. [waves to Kimmy] Hi, honey! [Kimmy falls down]; [to Kimmy] Oh, are you okay? You all right? She's okay. She's okay? She's fine. She's good. She's good.
George: Maybe you should have another kid just for parts.
Amy: We're not accident-prone, we're just enthusiastic people with a slight depth perception problem. [knocks over the snack table]

George [to Angie at the PTA meeting]: What do they want from us? They had a bake sale for books, a walk-a-thon for computers, and what about that silent auction?
Angie: That was for equipment for the hearing impaired.
George: No one else saw the irony in that.

Angie [after she and Max were selling chocolate bars]: We only made 75 bucks.
George: That's it? Did you go to the rich neighborhoods and do that gang thing I taught you?
Angie: It didn't work.
George [to Max]: Show me how you did it. [knocks on the table]
Max: Hello, I am an at-risk youth. If you buy these delicious chocolate bars, it can help keep me off the street and ensure your future safety. [in a serious tone] Please, don't let me make you a statistic. [smiles]
George: How can that not work?
Angie: Well, it didn't.
George: Wait. [to Angie] Where'd you park the SUV?
Angie: Out front. [sighs] Stupid, stupid, stupid.

[Debbie knocks on the door and waves]
Angie [waves back to Debbie]: Oh, no, it's Debbie Mickins with the PTA coming to collect the money.
George: Collect the money? What is she, the mob?

George: Max, do you know what a check is?
Max: Yeah, you have a whole stack of them. You write on it and people give you stuff.
George: Max, you just can't write a check. You have to have the money to back it up.
Max: What are you talking about?

Angie [to George]: I thought you wanted to give your kids the things that you never had.
George: I thought the day I got them a carseat, we were even.

George [imitating Debbie]: This is super! I'm super! You're super!

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