Mr. Needles
Max with Mr. Needles
Max with Mr. Needles, the Lopez family dog.
Basic/General Character Information
Species: Dog
Gender: Male
About: Lopez family housepet, that suffers from a series of illnesses
Family/Personal Facts
Series Appearances
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: several, 3 centered around him in series

Mr. Needles was a dog that Angie took in that seemed to have a list of sicknesses until George let him have meat at the end of his "Who's Your Daddy?" in Season One (episode #2). Max named him Mr. Needles because he takes so many injected medications. After, he is seen with Carmen, Max or Angie. Once, Max tried to train him for a dog contest by demonstrating himself.

In the Season One episode "The Unnatural", Mr. Needles decided he wanted to play with the autographed baseball that George got when he attended the 1978 MLB All-Star Game, and had allowed Max to look at but forbade him to use, that Max used for batting practice when George and Angie weren't home. Mr. Needles wound up getting the ball and chewing it up.

In the Season Three episode "God Needles George" (episode #15), Mr. Needles almost dies of a tumor, but George and Max prayed that if Mr. Needles was okay, George would go to Mexico to crawl the cobblestone path to a church in Mexico (which a priest says are "like jagged knives digging away at your knees"). To George's surprise it turned out that the tumor had disappeared as referred to a (miracle). His role slowly declined afterwards and was never seen but was mentioned (occasionally) afterwards, so it is safe to assume that they kept him for the rest of the series.


Mr. Needles starts off as an extremely sickly dog. When Angie first brought him home from the vet, she mentioned it would have been easier to mention "What disease he doesn't have". He is a loyal and adorable dog to a point where he looks precious in any disguise that he is put in.