Mel Powers
Mel Powers
Mark Tymchyshyn as Mel Powers.
Basic/General Character Information
Gender: Male
  • Has several nicknames for George, whom he still respects as the plant manager
  • Has problems controlling son, who sought to take advantage of Carmen on a trip to San Francisco
  • Family/Personal Facts
    Series Appearances
    Played by: Mark Tymchyshyn
    Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
    Episodes appeared in: 12 in series (Seasons 1-5)

    Mel Powers is a recurring character on George Lopez, who appears in a total of twelve episodes throughout the show's run. The part of Mel is played on the series by Mark Tymchyshyn.

    About Mel

    Mel is one of George's bosses, the other being Jack Powers, his brother. He calls George numerous nicknames, but respects him as the manager, and still accomplishes his duties as the co-boss, along with Jack. His son Zack Powers is an uncontrolled teen who is attracted by Carmen and snuck off with her to San Francisco. He is married to a woman who Carmen describes as a bitter, old drunk who neglects Zack and ignores Mel. Jack and Mel have few conflicts involving each other, except for a fight at Thirsty's Drinking Bar, as well as common arguments through conversation.


    • He takes Jack's place in the last two seasons.

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