Ep 1x4 - Jim stops Frank
Jim stops and questions Frank, who was enlisted by George to stop and approach Max and get him to talk to him while walking on the way to school in "Max's Big Adventure in Season 1 (ep.#4).
Basic Information
Name Jim
Gender Male
Series Appearances
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Appeared in: "Max's Big Adventure" in Season 1
Portrayed by Gregg Daniel

Jim was a character who appeared in the Season One episode "Max's Big Adventure".

Jim, an LAPD police detective, is a neighbor of the Lopezes. His son, and George's son Max attend the same elementary school. In his only appearance in "Max's Big Adventure", Jim stops Frank (played by Mel Rodriguez), who was enlisted by George to help him teach Max a lesson about talking to or getting into a car with a stranger after another kid who attends Max's school named Timmy (Rory Thost) gets into Frank's SUV with he and George instead.

Earlier, in the same episode, Jim stops by Powers Bros. plant, to serve a warrant on another one of George's employees, Reggie Grand (Jim O'Heir).


While not much is known about Jim he seems to be a respectable police officer who does his job and is a rather nice and friendly neighbor to the Lopez's.


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