Ep. 1x2 - George posing as Carmen chatting with Jessica
George, in snooping on Carmen's internet chatting, poses as her to Carmen's friend Jessica in "Curious George" in Season 1 (ep.#2).
Basic Information
Name Jessica
Born c.1988-89
Gender Female
About: Carmens friend, to whom George poses as his daughter in chatting with her, where he learns of an upcoming party where booze was going to served
Series Appearances
Appeared in: "Curious George" (Season 2)
Portrayed by Paige Segal

Jessica (played by Paige Segal) was Carmen's friend in the episode Curious George. While George was pretending to be Carmen on a chat room, she revealed to George that Carmen was at her friend's Stacy's party and that there was going to be alcohol. Her parents were coming and she said "Good luck with Duncan tonight" and put a winking emoticon. This message made George go to the party and catch Carmen.


Jessica has blonde hair and a blue long-sleeved shirt under a green short sleeved shirt when she appears.


Season 1