Jason McNamara
Bryan Fisher as Jason
Basic/General Character Information
Born: 1980
Gender: Male
Family/Personal Facts
Family: *Blaine McNamara (father)
Series Appearances
First Episode "Carmen's Dating"
(Season 3, episode #5)
Last Episode "George Gets a Pain in the Ash" (Season 5 opener)
Played by: Bryan Fisher
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: 13 in Seasons 3-5

Jason McNamara is a recurring character who first appears in the Season Three episode of George Lopez titled "Carmen's Dating" (episode #5). The part of Jason is played in all of the episodes by Bryan Fisher.

About Jason

Jason was the popular, athletic, handsome, respectable, well-meaning, and smart boyfriend of Carmen. When he first started dating Carmen, she was new at school and he could not be seen with her. He has a younger brother, Eric, who is in a wheelchair. He was pressured by his father into taking steroids to enhance his athletic abilities. He ran away from Carmen to pursue a baseball career after she pressured him into having a baby so they could get married. He almost constantly clashes with George, always doing something wrong in George's eyes, although George eventually successfully negotiated Jason's pro baseball contract with the Washington Nationals farm team, the Savannah Sand Gnats.


  • In the episode "Christmas Punch", When Jason was talking to Carmen, She noticed that Max was listening to the call even though it wasn't actually allowed.
  • Jason's last name is possibly a reference to the american football player, Tony McNamara.
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