Jason Antoon as Hosni
Jason Antoon as Hosni in "Profiles in Courage" in Season 2 (ep.#18).
Basic/General Character Information
Gender: Female
About: Gets rejected for work an upcoming goverment project, because of the Powers's concern over being of Middle Eastern descent
Family/Personal Facts
Spouse(s): None
Series Appearances
Played by: Jason Antoon
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Profiles in Courage" (Season 2)

Hosni is a character who appears in the Season Two episode of George Lopez titled "Profiles in Courage" (episode #8). The part of Hosni is played by Jason Antoon.

About Hosni

When Mel and Jack confront George about the upcoming U.S. Government defense project, they voice their concern over having Hosni, a line worker with Powers & Sons for 2 years, being employed as the head inspector over it because of his Middle Eastern background, while the Gulf War is going on, as they force George into having to pull Hosni off the project, as George tries to defend him in telling Jack Powers that it was a form of racial profiling and paranoia over losing the project, which would cause to company to lay off 20 workers, that was impacting he and Mel's decision.

Hosni reluctantly agrees to accept an office paper shuffling role, for the same pay he would've received if allowed to the project's head inspector, as he still shows appreciation for George trying to stand up for him concering getting the inspector's job.