Gloria Palmero
Basic/General Character Information
Born: 1970s
Gender: Female
About: Has a love/hate relationship with Angie, as she tried to make a romantic move on George upon her visit, which Angie only finds out about through Max, who witnessed her kiss George the evening earlier, as the sisters have a big fight and falling out as she readies to leave
Family/Personal Facts
Family: Emilina Palmero (mother; deceased)
Vic Palmero (father)
Angie Lopez (sister)
Ray Palmero (brother)
Veronica Palmero (niece)
Max Lopez (nephew)
Carmen Lopez (niece)
George Lopez (brother-in-law)
Richard (ex-husband)
Series Appearances
Played by: Jacqueline Obradors
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "A Kiss is Just a Kiss" (Season 2)

Gloria Palmero is a minor character who appeared in one episode on George Lopez. The part of Gloria is played by Jacqueline Obradors.

About Gloria

Gloria Palmero is Angie and Ray's sister and only appeared in A Kiss is Just a Kiss, when she kissed George. She and Angie have a hot/cold, on-and-off relationship, sometimes fighting and sometimes actually showing love and care for each other. Anyhow, Gloria who was upset about her upcoming divorce and jealous of her sister's marriage to a good man, Gloria made an inappropriate advance towards George - which Max witnessed.

When George tries to explain to Gloria that he can't betray Angie's love by giving into her advances, the two decide that it's best that she leave as soon as possible, and not let Angie know about it, which is almost what happens the next morning, as Gloria, already with bags packed, readies to take a taxi to the airport, until Max lets the cat out of the bag about Gloria's kissing George, as Angie and her get into a big fight as Gloria leaves, again in a bad way her sister.

In "Prescription for Trouble", Vic mentions that he gave Gloria birth-control pills, but not Angie, as Angie, but not Gloria, respected his view that sex should only be done with a spouse.