George Lopez episode
“George Uses His Vato Power to Save Dinero Que La”
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George has met his match when niece Veronica, who's a real card shark at poker, plays he and the others in a poker game on behest of Angie, who tries to teach him a lesson on who spends more money in "George Uses His Vato Power to Save Dinero Que La" in Season 6 (ep.#12).
Season 6, Episode # 12
Number (#114) in series (120 episodes)
Guest stars: None
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 512
Writer(s): Dave Caplan
Director Victor Gonzalez
Original airdate April 11, 2007
IMDB IMDb logo.png George Uses His Vato Power to Save Dinero Que La
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"George is Lie-able for Benny's Unhappiness" "George Rocks to the Max and Gets Diss-Band-ed"

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"George Uses His Vato Power to Save Dinero Que La" is the tweflth episode of the sixth season of George Lopez. Written by Dave Caplan, the episode, which was directed by Victor Gonzalez, originally aired on ABC-TV on April 11, 2007.

"George Uses His Vato Power to Save Dinero Que La"
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George and Angie get into a brutal battle over who can be more frugal.

Plot Summary

After some out-of-control spending by George and Angie, they agree to decide who gets to spend money on $100+. After George's poker game is interrupted by Veronica, who is sent by Angie for revenge for getting a veto, they agree on a bet to be the most frugal. George ends up tricking Angie into eating expired cat food while realizing they cannot keep the contest up as it is destroying their marriage.

Main Cast

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