George Lopez episode
“George Has Two Mommies”
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George's pride gets in the way when Lydia, Manny's wife, offers to give him a loan - a $20,000 check with blessing from her husband, who wants to "make things right" between he and estranged son George in "George Has Two Mommies" in Season 2.
Season 2, Episode # 23
Number (#27) in series (120 episodes)
Guest stars: Mark Tymchyshyn
Cristina Saralegui
Jack Blessing
J.B. Gaynor
Josip Kuchan
Sara Van Horn
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 223
Writer(s): Robert Borden & Rachel Sweet
Director Joe Regalbuto
Original airdate May 7, 2003
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"Team Leader" "Long Time No See" (Season 2 finale)

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George Has Two Mommies was the 23rd episode of Season Two of George Lopez, also the the season, and the 27th overall series episode. Co-written by Luisa Leschin, John R. Morey and Dailyn Rodriguez, the episode, directed by John Pasquin premiered on ABC-TV on May 14, 2003.

"George Has Two Mommies"
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After seeing all of the bills from Allendale Prep, George and Angie believe that all of the problems will be solved by Angie's new cosmetics, but when Max's friend Ricky gives Max a bottle rocket that burns down the garage, George and Angie fall into some serious burden when the La Marie cosmetics are destroyed. Now, when George and Angie are seeking $17,000, Benny goes to Phoenix to meet Manny's new wife and George II's mother, Lydia, to help George.


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  • Lydia: [to her dog] Benny, you want to take a poopy before we get in the car?
  • Benny: [turns around] I don't think that's any of your business.
  • Lydia: No, not you.
  • Benny: Oh, yeah. I heard he named the dog after me. I should name something after him. Here's my phone number. Let it ring, I might be on the Manny.

George: [to Benny after the garage burns down] What the hell were you thinking? How many times have I told you that this isn't putting out a cigarette?
Benny: It wasn't me. I flick it to the neighbor's yard like decent people.

George: [to Carmen] What the hell were you thinking?
Carmen: Why are you accusing me?
George: You snuck out of the house, you got a hickey you smoked a cigarette, you were one hard lemonade away from arson.
Max: I did it.
George: I knew it. [to Carmen] What did you do to make your brother burn the garage down?

Angie: Come on, you guys. Let's just try to forget about the money and have some breakfast. How about some scrambled eggs, we'll call my dad for a loan and maybe some french toast?
George: No. I'm not taking money from your dad.
Angie: Okay, okay. Then how about some waffles, please just swallow your pride and maybe some orange juice?

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