Extended Families with Extended links

Octavio Palmero

Octavio Palmero (played by Bert Rosario) is Vic's brother and Angie's uncle. He appeared in the Season Three episode "Fishing Cubans" (episode #9). Octavio was supposed to leave Cuba that month, but Castro wouldn't let him go. Vic didn't tell Angie because she hadn't seen her uncle since she was 12. For a good surprise wedding anniversary present, George helped Vic get Octavio out of Cuba. Octavio and Vic both share an equal hatred for Fidel Castro, of which George took the liberty of pranking the both of them by walking into the house while Vic and Octavio were trash-talking about Castro decked out in a Castro-like costume, scaring them both.

George Palmero

Lynette Palmero (played by Connie Ramirez) is Angie's aunt, who appeared in the episode A Funeral Brings George to His Niece. She is one of the relatives who dislikes George. She is called "Aunt Tipsy" by George because she probably is tipsy at all events. She was happy when she heard a rumor that Angie and George divorced, but was disappointed when she found out they were still married. She also was horrified to discover that George was left in charge of Veronica's inheritance.

Wayne Hill

Wayne Hill (played by Jerry Springer) is Benny's former boyfriend. He appeared in two episodes of Season Six. He was framed by George and thirty years ago, as they placed a bra in Wayne's leather jacket to make Benny believe he was cheating on her. Benny dumped him and when Wayne came back George told Benny he was dead and Benny that he was dead. It's later revealed by Benny

Dave Diaz

Dave Diaz is Benny's father, Luisa's husband, and George's grandfather. He loved being mean to Benny, and abused her when she was little, and his wife Luisa killed him because he was able to grow facial hair and she wasn't, she stabbed him in the head and when he died she shaved his beard off and glued it to her face.