Discussion is an important part of George Lopez Wiki. It is used to discuss any improvements to the page. Discussion should be used before making major changes to articles.


There are conventions in any discussion, article discussion or not:

  • Signing - Users must sign their comments with four tildes (~~~~)
  • Use of appropriate language - Users must not abuse other users, or attempt to silence their views. Never use overt sexual references, inappropriate expressions, or any other kind of language that is unsuitable for children.
  • New heading for new topic - Users should make a new heading for each new discussion topic.

Never delete talk page posts. Exceptions to this rule include: The Speedy Deletions Talk Page and posts containing extremely bad language. Discussion pages that are too long (that is, they have many sections/separate discussions and/or they are over 32-60kb) should be archived, since older browsers cannot edit these longer pages properly.


Some major changes (such as adminship requests) and discussions where consensus has not been reached are subject to a final vote by the George Lopez community.