George Lopez episode
“Curious George”
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When George worries about Carmen when she brings a boy home for the first time, his worries are justified when Carmen reveals that the boy tried to pressure her into having sex in "Curious George" in Season 1 (ep.#2).
Season 1, Episode # 2
Number (#2) in series (120 episodes)
Guest stars: Jonathan Jones
Dagney Kerr
Paige Segal
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 101
Writer(s): Dailyn Rodriguez
Director Andy Cadiff
Original airdate April 3, 2002
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(series pilot)
"Happy Birthdays"

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"Curious George" is the second episode of Season One of the ABC TV series George Lopez, 2nd in the series overall. Written by Dailyn Rodriguez, the episode, which was directed by Andy Cadiff,The episode originally aired on April 3, 2002.

"Curious George"
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George pretends to be Carmen online to find out what's really going to happen at a party she's going to with her first boyfriend.

Plot summary

George is concerned when he learns that Carmen has a boyfriend, Duncan, which doesn't concern Angie so much and assures him that she trusts Carmen to make good choices.

When Duncan hangs out in Carmen's room one day, George warns him that he's keeping an eye on him. George invades Carmen's privacy by pretending to talk to Duncan via instant message, Carmen is furious when she catches him.

Although Angie scolds George for what he did, George talks to one of Carmen's friends online and learns that Carmen is going to a party with no parents, lying about going to the movies. George and Ernie break up the party, and George brings Carmen home.

When George scolds at Carmen for lying about her whereabouts, she becomes tearful and says that Duncan broke up with her because he was pressuring her to have sex, and she wasn't ready for it. George praises Carmen for following her instincts, but a heartbroken Carmen says that Duncan never truly cared about her like she did.

Angie compliments George on his parenting skills. At the end of the episode, Carmen, Angie and Benny later trade bad-date stories with each other.


George (about Duncan): Angie, that kid came in here with his pants half off. If he trips, they could have sex by accident!

Benny (about Carmen): She'll be pregnant within the week.

George: Max, do you remember when you got in trouble for spying on your sister?
Max: Yeah, you said it was wrong.
George: Well, son, as you get older, you're going to find out that the line between right and wrong is going to move around a lot. Go spy on your sister.
Max: What should I look for?
George: If they do anything bad like, swearing or stealing or anything that makes you feel happy in a way you don't understand.

George: (sees Carmen and Benny laying on lawn chairs with hairnets on their heads) Ah, I love this exhibit. Lunch lady of the past and lunch lady of the future!

George (to Benny): Even after I got out of the house you tried to keep me away from girls. Remember Sylvia at work?
Benny: Sylvia? She was a slut.
George: I know!

George: (to Ernie) "Good luck with Duncan?" Hey, why is there a smiley face?
Ernie: No, it's a winking face. See, 'cause it's winking? Like, uh, "Good luck with Duncan!" (does a sexual innuendo)
George: My God.

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