Cristy Chapman
Ep 5x14 - Kristi tells Max that she loves him
Ashly Holloway as Cristy in "The Kidney Stays in the Picture" in Season 5 (ep. #14).
Basic/General Character Information
Gender: Female
About: shares rather affectionate kiss with Max, which arouses the concern of Angie, as the two have also been telling each other "I love you"
Family/Personal Facts
Family: Not mentioned
Series Appearances
Played by: Ashly Holloway
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "The Kidney Stays in the Picture" in Season 5

Cristy Chapman was Max Lopez's girlfriend, who appeared in the Season Five episode of George Lopez titled "The Kidney Stays in the Picture" (episode #14). The part of Cristy is played in the episode by Ashly Holloway.

About Cristy

When Cristy and new boyfriend Max begin kissing out in the hammock in the backyard, Angie, who begins to become concerned that her son and his girlfriend afe moving to fast, she implores George to do something abouit it, as George says to her that it's nothing to be concerned about, as the two young lovebirds had been saying "I love you" to each other, George then agrees, as he tells Max that "you don't say I love you to a girl" until "you find the right shark you wan't to spend the rest of your life with!"