Cris Watson
Ep 6x9 - Kristin Bauer as Cris Watson
Kristin Bauer as Cris
Basic/General Character Information
Born: 1960s (?)
Gender: Female
  • Registered with the county as a sex offender for at one time, had sex with one of her male students
  • Gets apologized to by George and Angie after Max, after being told not to talk to her, goes over to her house with condom in hand trying to woo her
  • Flatly rejects Ernie's advances, as he arrives at her house moments later, looking like a teen skateboarder
  • Family/Personal Facts
    Family: none
    Career/Job: Former Schooltecher
    Series Appearances
    Played by: Kristin Bauer van Straten
    Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
    Episodes appeared in: George Joins the Neighborhood Wha-tcha and Raises the Vigil-ante in Season 6

    Cris Watson (played by Kristin Bauer van Straten) was a character who appeared on George Lopez in the Season 6 episode, George Joins the Neighborhood Wha-tcha and Raises the Vigil-ante.

    About Cris

    Cris Watson is a woman who recently moves in George and Angie's neighborhood, which George, Angie and others in the neigborhood block watch group, who had heard of a one named "Chris", whom they believed was a man, was listed on the L.A. county website on the internet as a sexual predator, as they decided to form a "lench mob" in deciding to confront her, having not even met her. Angie even made papers for every neighbor to know that there was a sexual predator. Max saw the papers, and then went to Chris's house with a condom to have sex with her. One of the neighbor's saw Max going into her yard, and called George and Angie.

    The truth is, was that Cris once had sex with a 15-year old boy while she was a schoolteacher. When Cris tells George and Angie and the others in the neighboord watch group, they told it to Max and warned him to stay away from Cris.

    When George and Angie find out that Max disobeyed them in going over to Cris's house, they ran over to her place and saw Max with his shirt off with and condom in his hand. George and Angie suspected that Chris had raped Max, but it was Max's idea to try to make an advance on Chris, as George and Angie both apologize to her for accusing her trying to have sex with Max, Ernie then arrives, trying to appeal to Chris, donning skateboarding gear like a teenager, only to get rejected him by Cris as she slams the door in his face!

    George, amused by Ernie's ploy to also try to woo Cris, tries to cheer him up, but winds up laughing at him, telling him "You just got shut down by a sex offender!"