George Lopez episode
Angie turns the house upside down when she takes on too many charities, as she sponsors a charity drive to rehab neighborhood gang members in the Lopez backyard in "Charity" (ep.#10).
Season 2, Episode # 10
Number (#14) in series (120 episodes)
Guest stars: Tonantzin Esparza
Cristos Andrew
Diane Sellers
Andrew Stanfield
Daniel Cage Theodore
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 210
Writer(s): Jim Hope & Dailyn Rodriguez
Director Barnet Kellman
Original airdate December 4, 2002
IMDB IMDb logo.png Charity
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"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Honey" "Meet the Cuban Parents"

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Charity was the tenth episode of Season Two of George Lopez, also the 14th overall series episode. Co-written by Jim Hope and Dailyn Rodriguez, the episode, directed by Barnet Kellman, premiered on ABC-TV on December 4, 2002.

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Angie turns the house upside down when she takes on too many charities.

Plot summary

When Angie finds she has more free time around the house, she volunteers for a variety of charities. Feeling invincible, she soon finds herself joining more organizations than she can handle, and George and the family must help her to keep her from being overwhelmed.

Starring / Main cast

Guest Starring / Recurring cast


  • This the first appearance of Tonantzin Esparza as Marisol, a rehabiliting gang member Angie's been working with, on the series.


Marisol: [answering the phone]: Powers Brothers Aviation, how can I help your ass?

Max [explains why he faked sick at school]: I wasn't ready for my math test. I wasn't getting the problems, Dad tried to help me, but I don't have that kind of time.

Marisol: (talking to her boyfriend Jr. on George's work phone) I know, huh... I know, huh... I know, huh! (George disconnects her) Hey, that wasn't cool!
George [imitates Marisol]: I know, huh?!

Marisol: [to Ernie] You got big ears!
Ernie: Big ears, big Q-tip.

Angie: George, cook your own meals and watch your chick flicks!

Carmen [while doing the laundry]: I can't find any of Max's underwear. Does he go commando?
George: No, your mom saves them for Sunday night and does the "load of shame."
Carmen [from upstairs]: Oh, my God!
George: Hey, Carmen found Max's underwear.

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