Benita "Benny" Lopez
Basic/General Character Information
Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino
Born: May 21, 1948, Los Angeles, CA, U.S
Gender: Female
Family/Personal Facts
Family: Manny Lopez (ex-husband)
George Lopez (son)
Linda Lorenzo (daughter)
Angie Lopez (daughter-in-law)
Carmen Lopez (granddaughter)
Max Lopez (grandson)
Dave Diaz (father)
Luisa Diaz (mother)
Joe Diaz (brother)
Series Appearances
First Episode "Prototype" (Season 2)
Last Episode "George Decides to Sta-Local Where It's Familia" (Season 7, series finale)
Played by: Maria Beck (in flashback)
Belita Moreno (Regular cast member, 120 episodes)
Episodes appeared in: 120

Benita "Benny" Lopez (nee Diaz) is the bitter, emotionally abusive mother of George Lopez. She is played on George Lopez by Belita Moreno. She's also played in a "flashback memory" sequence in one episode by Maria Beck.

About Benny

Benny is a chain-smoking, slightly abusive woman who is responsible for George's traumatic childhood. She likes sex, smoke, and booze.George was the result of premarital relations between Benny and Manny Lopez. Benny wed Manny shortly afterward, but they divorced when George was a toddler. When George was older, she convinced him his father had died rather than abandoned the family. Benny is not the best of mothers, exposing George to an abusive, dysfunctional home life and childhood and guarding secrets from her son that were unveiled during his adulthood, like he has a sister named Linda who was given up for adoption. Despite that, she did try to be a good mother while raising him, and she really does love him.

Her personality / Relationship with George & Angie

Benny can seem bitter or cold sometimes, showing little care for her own son while he was growing up. Secretly, she does love George and deprived him of many privileges during his childhood not because she did not care about him, but because she worried about his safety. Despite not being the best role model for George when he was growing up, Benny did try, even when she thought she couldn't handle a kid. In the episode where her mother was revealed, it was stated that Benny had given George away, but only to give him a better family. After George was given back to her, he discovers that she did try and actually did do better then his grandma did.

Benny does seem to love her grandchildren, though, as she has given them some advice, none of it has helped. Benny is quite cynical and stubborn and hates to admit to making mistakes. She is an alcoholic and has a strong cigarette addiction. Her relationship with her son revolves around the two insulting each other with the occasional compliment thrown in before the insulting continues. She frequently calls George's wife, Angie "Princess" because Angie had a spoiled upbringing.


  • Benny Lopez is based on Benita Gutierrez who was George's grandmother in real life and raised him.
  • She is a minor antagonist and anti-hero of the series.


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