Bachelor Party
Episode #
May 7, 2004
Production #
Rick Nyholm
Joe Regalbuto


Benny and Randy are about to get married, they are planning their wedding and bachelor party. Accident Amy returns from the hospital and tries to win Randy back. Then, George catches them kissing and gets mad at Randy, but he refuses to tell Benny. Benny finds out about the kiss through Angie. Randy then has to choose between Benny and Amy. In the end, Benny and Randy break up.


Guest Starring


  • Angie: Oh, God. George is gonna kill me.
  • Benny: Not if you're dead already. Talk.

  • Carmen: Grandma, you should have a big wedding, that's what I'm gonna do. It's gonna be on a cliff overlooking the ocean at sunset. And as soon as I say "I do" a hundred white doves are gonna go flying into the air.
  • George: No, Carmen, your wedding is gonna be in the backyard. And the only thing flying is gonna be Aunt Sylvia, all drunk, she gonna come back from the bathroom with her dress tucked in her pantyhose. (dances and acts like Aunt Sylvia) Mira, everyone's looking at me! I still got it, they're jealous!

  • (Amy is attempting to get Randy to choose her over Benny)
  • Amy: (to Randy) You said you wanted a family, you wanted children. I'm ready to give that to you. Is Benny? You said you wanted to grow old together. Do you really want someone that far along already?
  • Benny: Amy, it's Benny. The next sound you hear will be me... hitting you with a waffle iron!!!


In a previous episode it was said that someone from the past will destroy their relationship it was not george but amy