Demetra Raven as Allison
Demetra Raven as Allison in "Profiles in Courage" in Season 2 (ep.#18) of "George Lopez".
Basic/General Character Information
Born: c.1993
Gender: Female
About: Classmate of Max's, who pretends along with him, to be a "married" couple; Max "divorces" her after 1 week, due to her "bossiness"
Family/Personal Facts
Family: Unknown
Series Appearances
Played by: Demetra Raven
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)

Allison, (played by Demetra Raven), was a minor character who appeared in the Season Two George Lopez titled "Profiles in Courage" (episode #18).


Allison, a grade school classmate and friend of Max, was Max's pretend wife. She is very peppy and protective of Max. It is also implied that she "drinks a lot of Juicy Juice boxes". She also goes overboard in treating Max as if he's a real husband, and annoys him when she calls him "pumpkin". It also seems like she's the one runs the whole marriage. On their one week anniversary, she gave Max a super ball. Max forgot to give her a gift and gave her gum for her present and she said that Max didn't care about their marriage.