Malcolm Wain as Alberto in "Token of Unappreciation" in Season 2 of "GL" (ep.#2).]
Basic Information
Name Alberto
Gender Male
About: Line shop worker at Powers Aviation
Series Appearances
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Appeared in: "Token of Unappreciation" and "No Free Launch" (Season 2)
Portrayed by Malcolm Wain

Alberto one of the shop line workers at Powers Aviation, appears in two Season Two episodes of George Lopez, "Token of Unappreciation" (episode #2) and "No Free Launch" (episode #6). The part of Alberto is played by Malcolm Wain.

About Alberto

In "Token of Unappreciation", when George, coming out of the office, directs the line workers to get back to work. saying that he only "wants to hear nothing but machines", Benny says to him, "That's a really good start, but if you really want them to fear you, fire Alberto". When George asks, what did he do!?" she jokingly says "I hate his lazy eye, it follows me around like a painting!" When George walks past Alberto, he also says "It does follow you around like a painting!" as he then says to Alberto "What are you lookin' at?!" as Alberto says, "Nothing!"