Adam Connors
Jordan Masterson as Adam Connors
Jordan Masterson as Adam Connors in "Girl Fight" in Season 2 of "George Lopez" (ep.#15(.
Basic Information
Name Adam Connors
Born 1988
Gender Male
About: boy who dated Carmen, and witnessed Piper Morey her arch-nemisis pick a fight with her after spreading rumors that he and Carmen had sex; confesses this before their school conflict resolution couselor
Series Appearances
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Appeared in: 2 in Season 2
Portrayed by Jordan Masterson

Adam Connors, a former boyfriend of Carmen's, is a recurring character who appeared in two episodes of George Lopez. The part of Adam is played in the episodes by Jordan Masterson.

About Adam

Adam is a boy who dated Carmen in Season 2 and gave her a hickey in the episode "Love Bites". He also told his and Carmen's school that he had sex with Carmen, but was lying to try to date Carmen again, when George and Angie wouldn't let them date when they both got hickeys.

George and Angie make Adam confes about Piper

With George and Angie's insistence, Adam is brought into the office of Mr. Tommy Durango, the school conflict resolution counselor, to admit that Piper started the fight on the school grounds with Carmen which got her suspension from school rescinded.

In the episode "Girl Fight", Jordan is brought into Tommy "Rango" Durango, an old grade-school bully of George's who's now the school's conflict resolution counselor, who initally suspended Carmen after she a Piper Morey got into a fight at school; he confesses that Piper started the fight, which helps Mr. Durango present the truth of who started the fight to the school's principal, and gets Carmen's suspension rescinded.

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